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Emergency Responder Training

If you are a propane company looking to host a class or a fire department interested in having a class, click here to download the Emergency Responder Training Application.

Or for more information, conctact:

Derek Dalling, Executive Director
Ohio Propane Gas Association

Ohio PERC Emergency Responder Training Policy 

Purpose: To define a policy and procedure for the use of Ohio PERC funds to support emergency responder training in the State of Ohio.

  • All PERC Emergency Responder training that is supported by Ohio PERC funds will require approval by the OPGA Executive Committee prior to scheduling.
  • The OPGA Executive Committee meets on a quarterly basis and therefore should have any request for PERC funding 30 days prior to an Executive Committee meeting.
  • It will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to ensure Ohio PERC training funds are used as geographically equitable as possible throughout Ohio.
  • As required by National PERC, PERC funds will NOT be used for live burn training but rather for classroom training and support only.
  • Individuals requesting PERC training funds will make every effort to secure shared funding from other available sources prior to requesting funds from Ohio PERC.
  • After review, the Executive Committee may approve funding reimbursement requests of training using Ohio PERC funds.
  • Receipts and documentation for all cash expenditures (i.e. meals & lodging) are required and must be provided. Documentation will include the date, amount, names of all persons involved, and the specific items for which reimbursement is requested. Documentation will be considered for approval.
  • In an effort to stretch our funding dollars, local media coverage (radio, TV, print) should be requested and encouraged.
  • The minimum class size will be 20 firefighters.
  • Trainer must follow the PERC Council “Propane Emergency Responder” guide.
  • Ohio PERC will provide a copy of the “Propane Emergency Responder” guide for each attendee. 
  • Classroom training curriculum must follow the PERC Propane Emergencies program.
  • Training materials and instructor books will be obtained from National PERC.

Ohio PERC will provide funding up to $2,000 per day and will only apply to:
  • Instructor costs
  • Instructor & Trainer mileage, meals and lodging expenses