2023 Ohio Propane Rebates

Propane Vehicles
The Ohio Propane Education Resource Council (OPERC) offers on-road incentives toward the purchase of autogas vehicles and mowers. For 2023, OPERC intends to use the resources through Clean Fuels Ohio to expand autogas opportunities for Ohio schools and across the campuses of Ohio’s colleges and universities. OPERC will offer rebates to end users of up to $4,000 as an incentive for the purchase of a new autogas vehicle, the purchase of a new propane mowers, and OEM conversion. 

Propane Vehicle Rebate Application   

Duty to Warn
OPERC will encourage the purchase and distribution of PERC designed Duty to Warn materials by offering a reimbursement to any Ohio propane retailers that purchases Duty to Warn materials from PERC and provides them to their customers as an education and awareness tool. Ohio propane retailers that choose to participate will purchase the Duty to Warn materials they need, have them shipped to their plants, and submit a receipt or proof of purchase to the OPGA. OPGA will then reimburse $750 per plant (up to $3000 total) to the retailer. 

Duty to Warn Rebate Application   

Propane Appliance Safe Installation Program
The Ohio Propane Council was established to offer Ohio residents propane water heater and furnace rebates to help reduce energy costs. Rebates amounts range from $150 to $400. 

Propane Appliance Safe Installation Rebate Application   

Propane Autogas Dispenser
The Ohio Propane Education Resource Council (OPERC) offers rebates to entities in the state of Ohio that install an autogas (over-the-road propane motor fuel) refueling dispenser and provide public access to the refueling site. The autogas refueling site must be built to comply with all local codes and standards. The autogas refueling site must include quick connect nozzles. The OPGA will award one (1) incentive rebate in the amount of $1,000.00 per refueling site. 

Propane Autogas Dispenser Rebate Application