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  • Exchange ideas With others in the industry.
  • Participate in decisions that directly affect your business.
  • Obtain the tools you need to educate the public and government on the benefits and safety of propane.

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OPGA Offers You

Association Headquarters
The resource center for all association and propane industry information and activities.

Government Relations
Pro-active involvement with all state and federal legislation and regulations affecting the propane industry in Ohio.

Professional Development
Service schools for Certified Employee Training Programs (CETP) training.

OPGA web site continually updated. 
Ohio Propane News a quarterly newsletter, e-mails, correspondence, alerts and updates to keep members informed on industry issues.

Conventions and Membership Meetings 
Two Quarterly membership meetings are held in Columbus; one at the Midwest Propane Gas Convention in Indianapolis; a two and a half day Annual Convention held in early August. 
District meetings held as needed around the state.

Specialized Association Services
Group Worker's Compensation program, which offers significant annual savings in worker's comp premiums.
OPGA scholarship program offering several annual $1,000 scholarships for member's employees and children of employees.
Discounted credit card processing.
Submit Ohio Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) proposals and administer PERC grants received.

Safety and Marketing Materials
Through the NPGA Resource Catalog and PERC, a wealth of information, including handbooks, pamphlets, videos, cassettes and other materials, is available to promote safe practices and to market propane.

Membership Roster
A list of all OPGA members, board members, bylaws, meeting dates and other information is published annually. Members include retail marketers of propane gas and appliances, producers and wholesalers of propane, propane appliance and equipment manufacturers and distributors, fabricators of propane cylinders and tanks, transporters of propane gas, and other companies interested in the propane business.

Farm Science Review
Held in London, Ohio, the Farm Science Review annually attracts more than 200,000 people. OPGA plays an active role at the Review, with an array of items displayed which demonstrate the many uses of propane.

National Propane Gas Association
The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) also provides a vast amount of information to members on federal laws and regulations, industry trends and other important matters. Except in the case of multi-state marketers, who join NPGA on their own, dues to OPGA include dues to the national association.

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Annual Dues

Dues in the OPGA are very reasonable weighed against the benefits, and except in the case of multi-state marketers, include membership in the National Propane Gas Association. They are as follows:

  • Multi-state marketers (Intra-State) Any corporation engaged in the retail sale and distribution of propane gas in the State of Ohio and one or more other states. Dues per location billed by NPGA on a sliding scale. Call NPGA at 202.466.7200
  • Independent marketers (Intra-State)- Any person, firm, association, partnership or corporation engaged in the retail sale and distribution of propane gas in the State of Ohio only or in Ohio with no more than one plant in another State. NPGA portion of dues is billed based on the number of bulk plants a company has. Dues are billed as follows:
OPGA Company Headquarters Dues$735.00
OPGA Additional Retail Location (per branch)$110.00
OPGA Additional Bulk Location (per branch)$110.00
OPGA Additional Retail/Bulk Combo Location (per branch)$110.00
NPGA Zero to 2 Bulk Plant or Headquarter$498.00
NPGA Bulk Plant Dues (3 - 5, combined Price)$270.00
NPGA Bulk Plant Dues (Greater than 6, per Plant)$256.00
  • Individual members: Any person employed by a member firm of this Association and designated by such firm shall be eligible for individual membership in the Association. Dues are $175 and do not include membership in NPGA.
  • Associate members: Any person, firm, association, partnership or corporation engaged in the production or manufacture, distribution, sale or installation of propane gas or propane gas equipment, appliances, containers, systems, insurance or other business related services. Dues are $375 and do not include membership in NPGA.
  • Cylinder retailer: Any entity engaged in retail sales of propane gas having no bulk tank truck, and with sales of less than 100,000 gallons per year. Membership in this category does not include membership in the National Propane Gas Association. Dues are $175.

Membership Benefits 

  • Newsletters/Quarterly digital publications from OPGA
  • Membership Directory digitaly available on the website
  • Scholarships - OPGA / $1,000 Scholarships available
  • Workers' Comp Group Rating Program/Frank Gates Co.,
    • Tammy Ring - 1-800-777-4283 ext.688

Download Membership Application