Why Choose Autogas?

“Autogas is saving thousands of dollars which allows school districts to allocate their funds to programs in need.”
- Ann Jorgensen, Prism Propane
“Adopting propane Autogas is a sure strategy for greening your fleet without investing in the costly emissions technology of today's diesel vehicles.”
“Propane is the most economical alternative fuel source for fleets on a per-mile basis.”

OPGA Now Offers Autogas Rebates

The OPGA is offering $1000 rebates to Ohio propane customers through OPERC:

  • OPERC seeks to offer on-road incentives toward the purchase of autogas vehicles and mowers
  • OPERC will offer rebates to consumers up to $5,000 per entity, $1,000 each for OEM Propane vehicles or OEM Propane Mowers, maximum quantity of 5.
  • OPERC will offer up to $1000 rebate as an incentive for the purchase of a new propane mower.
  • Consumer rebates will be administered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • OPERC is excited about the potential growth of propane school buses, propane mowers, and other propane vehicles in the state of Ohio.
  • OPERC rebates are available to interested groups, municipalities and associations.
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Ohio Success Stories

Franklin County Switches to Autogas

See how Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities is working with Clean Fuels Ohio to reduce emissions by switching to propane buses.

Columbus Green Cabs reduces fuel costs

Watch the video to learn how Columbus Green Cabs was able to reduce fuel costs and fleet vehicle emissions by transitioning to propane.

OEM Providers in Ohio

Representing brands including:

Contact your local Propane Supplier about converting your fleet of vehicles or click here to see options for vehicle conversion.

Reasons Propane is the Right Choice

Compared to gasoline and diesel, autogas produces less harmful greenhouse gas emissions, with 70% fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons.
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Propane enhances performance by providing a 104 octane rating, compared to regular gasoline’s rating of 87.
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The abundant domestic supply of propane reduces U.S. reliance on imported fuels, increases energy security, and creates American jobs.
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Propane vs. Competitors

Green and Clean

Autogas is green, clean-burning alternative fuel.


Autogas is less expensive than gasoline or diesel.

Great MPGs

Autogas vehicles have an MPG closer to gasoline than other alternative fuels.


Autogas is intrinsically safer than many other fuels.


Autogas is reliable and implementation costs are lower.

High supply

Current propane supplies far exceed demand, and infrastructure already exists to meet even greater demand.