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Ohio Propane Gas Association Committees 2015-2016

Frank Edwards


This committee is charged with developing a solid working plan to increase propane awareness.

Frank Edwards Linden's Propane Chair
Craig Wood O E Meyer Co Vice Chair
Josh Green Arrick's Propane  
Dan Boyd 1st Choice Energy Services  
Clayton Cook  United Landmark  

Terry Clevenger 2014


It is the responsibility of this committee to keep abreast of changes in the Code, to review and make recommendations for possible changes in the Code, maintain communication with Ohio regulatory agencies and assist in interpreting regulations, and respond to members' questions regarding specific sections of the Code.

Terry Clevenger OE Meyer Company Chair
Allen Dunlap Ludwig Propane Vice Chair
Jarrod Bowers Prism Propane  
Tim Hendricks Bergquist, Inc.  
Jay Sweede CC Propane  
Mike Cavanaugh Lykins Companies  


The two major functions of this committee concern involvement with the general efficiency and economy of transporting propane gas, and to provide technical input to communities where HAZMAT transportation ordinances are being considered.

Gary Veith Schilling Propane Chair
Josh Arrick Arrick’s Propane Vice Chair
Stephanie Davis DHT  
Cheryl Hayes Buckeye Propane  
Mark Royer Linden’s Propane  
Matt Litter Litter Quality Propane  

Sara Seebohm


This committee plans the annual convention.

Sara Seebohn Alternative Fuels Chair
Dave Archer Trinity Containers, LLC Vice Chair
Caroline Hensley AmeriGas/PTI  

Chris Buscher


This committee is charged with becoming actively involved in all legislation and regulations, which affects the propane gas industry in Ohio.

Chris Buscher McMahan's Bottle Gas Chair
Jeff Walters AmeriGas Vice Chair
Ralph Arrick Arrick’s Propane  
Bob Thompson Town & Country Co-op  
Bill Coy Rutland Bottle Gas, Inc.  
George Walton Prism Propane LLC  
 Dale Smith AmeriGas  

Mike Fisher


It is the responsibility of this committee to consider and develop industry training schools.

Mike Fisher GEC Chair
Denny Knott Ney Oil Co. Vice Chair
Mike Sharkey The Energy Cooperative  
Dale Aldrich Bergquist, Inc.  
 Loren Brubaker Hometown, Inc.  

Bertelsen David


The major function of this committee is to respond to requests for membership information and to enlist new members of the association.
Membership services committee members should always contact new members and is to call and invite marketers to quarterly meetings.

Dave Bertelsen Matheson Tri Gas Chair
David Wright IPS Equipment Vice Chair
Marc Christian Ray Murray  
Tim Myers IPS Equipment  

Brian Buschur


Establishes guidelines for granting scholarships and recommends funding mechanism for the association's scholarship program.

Brian Buschur McMahan’s Bottle Gas Chair
Bob Herron The Energy Cooperative Vice Chair

eric sears


To focus on the propane autogas industry and related new technology.

Eric Sears Auxier Gas Chair
Mike Walters Superior Energy Systems Vice Chair
Butch Carper Rutland Bottle Gas  
Ray Etgen Heritage Cooperative  
Mike McCoun Bergquist  
Kevin Reynolds Prism Propane